Cornbread Croutons

I think most everyone has a favorite chili recipe that shows up at the table from time to time. We had chili for dinner tonight. It was great! We like ours with cornbread and I’ll wager you have a favorite recipe for that as well. One thing I did differently when I made the cornbread tonight was I turned it into croutons. you see, everyone loves the cornbread the first night but never returns to eat up the leftovers. This evening, I made just a half batch and baked it on a quarter sheet pan. After it cooled a bit, I cubed it up, spritzed it with a little cooking spray, added some seasoning, and baked until the edges were toasty. It was the perfect topping.

If you need a chili recipe, there are a couple here and here. As for the cornbread, you can find one on the back of the cornmeal package.

If you can think of some more ideas for cornbread croutons, let me know. I have a few of them leftover, and they’re too good to waste.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next time.

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