Counting the Days

World change will come from each of us living each day in a way that celebrates the life and death of Jesus.


Let’s shake things up. Let our words of an awesome, powerful God thunder in our actions.

More Walking Lessons From Skipper

A couple posts ago in Master Walk, I shared how to walk following the master according to my dog, Skipper. If you read the earlier story, I’m sure you agree he is an experienced follower.  This week, he demonstrated something else about keeping up with the leader that I hadn’t thought of. Skipper and I joined my…

Constant Companions

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger kept ringing in my ears as I climbed up the trail on the side of the mountain. My lungs were screaming for air and I was wishing there was some sort of rescue plan for the desperately out-of-shape, middle-aged woman who had “thought of herself more highly than she ought.”

The Party’s in the Kitchen

Our guests stood around the kitchen chatting. Although there were more comfortable seats elsewhere in the house, it was where they wanted to be. That’s saying something because our kitchen is small according to today’s standards. Not much space to turn around let alone gather for a meal.  Yet, here they were bowls of soup in hand enjoying each other’s company. There…

Oh, The View is Worth It!

Sometimes life has a funny way of flipping on us. One day all seems to be going great and then it knocks us down cold. If you have lived very long you know this to be true. Life is full of ups and downs, hills and valleys. If yours is anything like mine those hills…

Living Water

Life is wonderful, crazy and messy all at once. To portray it as anything else is just fooling ourselves and everyone around us.  Hope can be found somewhere at the center of everything we live through each day. That is, if Jesus happens to be found there as well. Take my life, for instance. No,…