Making Memories

I sometimes think about what we will take with us from this world into the next. I believe our memories of relationships will get to come along for the ride.

Hope Under Consruction

We sat on the floor of the newly constructed tiny house eating fried chicken legs. This was the first meal this little home would see. In a collaboration with families from California and a minister in Mexico, a young family would move from their cardboard hut to a house with screens on the windows to…

Downsize the Party? Never!

  “Meatloaf!” My friend exclaimed in amazement. “How did you bake this?” It was a bit of surprise at our dinner party, I suppose. You see over the Christmas holidays, my stove along with its oven broke. Yep, it just gave up. Surrendered. It had cooked many a good meal not only for my family,…

Savor the Joy

Christmas is on our doorstep and there are only a few days left to enjoy the celebrations. As you know from a recent blog post, A Large Helping of Joy, Please, my ‘new’ tradition this year has been to make the most of every opportunity to join in the merrymaking to make some new memories….