A Lump of Coal

Our family is currently living through some very disappointing circumstances. A family member has left us to find what was missing in his life, leaving us missing him. The funny thing is, in the midst of our grief, God has given us beauty. We have experienced His love in some very tangible ways. His strength has given us peace, and a knowing that He does not intend to destroy us. His goal is good, bringing spiritual growth through a stronger and more focused relationship with Him.

Weak is the New Strong

Paul says nothing matters more than knowing Christ and it is worth every bit of suffering if it brings a closer relationship. He welcomed weakness because with it he welcomed more of Jesus. And that brought him great joy. It can work for you as well.

Enough Is Enough

A couple of years ago, I was prompted to write a poem. You need to know poetry is not really in my wheelhouse but God called and I followed. What I wrote was in response to words I had heard from someone who was struggling with identity, with circumstances, with life. Being enough seemed out of reach. I know from my own experience it’s easy to go down the road of adding other words to myself like rejected, hopeless, broken, and unlovable. Thank God for His grace and mercy. God rescues us by pulling us from the slimy pit we find ourselves in.

Sometimes You Just Want to Be Carried

Our lives are filled with many responsibilities, one of which is being there when others need help. The whole loving your neighbor is wrapped up in this idea. Galatians 6:2 tells us to “carry one another’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfil the law of Christ.” But what happens when the path seems too long or there are events you did not anticipate that leave you wondering if you can make it?

Wild Fire

    It has happened again. Fire has ravaged our lives. I am reposting a piece that I wrote a few years back. The truth is still true and I have found the value of having a firm place to stand and that, I am thankful for. The smell of smoke lingers in the air…

Sabbath Sweet Sabbath: Sunday Driving

  Sundays were for going on drives when I was a kid. My parents would load us into the car and we would head out for a day of seeing what we could see. Sometimes the mountains, sometimes the desert, we would take to the back roads just to get out of the house and…

You Want Me to Change the World Where?

  “I just want to do something that makes a difference,” my daughter cried during a phone call with her this week. Work had been rough that day and the job seemed the wrong vehicle for world change. She felt trapped, ineffective, and hopeless. Why couldn’t she have a job that mattered? I feel for…

A Little Celebration

Ah Ha! I thought cupcakes would get your attention. No recipe here today, but every celebration deserves a little sweetness to go with the joy. Lol! This year has been filled with so many amazing things. One of those things was the opportunity to write alongside some pretty great Bible teachers in Heart Renovation: A…

Winds of Change

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills. Chinese Proverb Life has changed dramatically over this past year, so I am changing things up at my website as well. I am still very much a girl who loves a good adventure but my life is more than that. It…

The Upcycled Life

I have spent the better part of a week painting objects found at the thrift store, alongside the road, and tucked inside of barns and storage sheds. No longer wanted or needed by their owners, these things have been cast-off and forgotten. But Susan, a volunteer at Liebenzell USA, saw their potential. She has taken…