Generosity Does a Body Good

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

Proverbs 11:25 NIV

Generosity is one of those things it pays to practice.

Before you think I am preaching some crazy prosperity gospel, let me tell you, I AM! Lol! But it’s not what you think. I’m not talking about amassing great piles of lovely, shiny possessions. I’m talking about real treasure. The kind that changes us and changes the world.

Did you know there is actual scientific evidence that this verse is true?

There have been quite a few studies on this, and they all say the same thing—Giving sends out several happiness chemicals in the brain, including dopamine and endorphins. These chemicals produce a sense of euphoria. It’s called the Helper’s High. Not only does it feel good, but it relieves stress and can heal our bodies. It boosts self-esteem and can fight against depression. And there is some evidence that it may even help you live longer. All-in-all, just like the proverb states, generosity does refresh us.

So, don’t pass up the benefits of giving.

Dive in and test Solomon’s wise saying of being generous and refreshing. Share your listening skills or words of experience, your precious time or a welcoming space, or even the resources where you see need. You can only become wealthy if you do. It will be a wealth that will change your life as well as the lives of others.

One person gives freely yet gains even more. . .

Proverbs 11:24

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  1. JD Wininger says:

    Yes ma’am. Generosity can take many forms and pay many different dividends. Least among them is, and should be, gains in this world. Instead, our generosity, especially when we give in God’s name and for His glory, is rewarded handsomely. Sometimes, we see blessings here in this life for our faithful service. Other times, our rewards await us safely in heaven. Don’t you look forward to the day when we have an opportunity to place them at our Savior’s feet? God’s blessings my inspiring friend.

    1. Patty Schell says:

      Built into the idea of giving is refreshment not just to the recipient but also to the one who refreshes. It’s a beautiful partnership that connects us and turns us into a community. Each time we’re generous we honor Jesus and his desire for us to love one another. Kingdom living at its best. Thank you for your comment and your support in sharing my writing. I greatly appreciate it.

  2. Thomas Dunn says:

    Generosity is a form of service and of ministry that each of us can participate in. Generosity of your time, perhaps our most precious worldly asset, is particularly meaningful. It demonstrates a choice to put your one-and-only self doing a specific thing at a specific time for the benefit of another soul. That time can never be recovered, yet we can give it away knowing that it is a unique and personal gift.

    1. Patty Schell says:

      So true. When we worked at kid’s outreach in an underserved neighborhood, we always included homemade cookies for their dessert. Often, the kids would tuck them away to take home to a family member. It was the sweetest gesture.

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