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Peace and Great Joy

I am sometimes the worst . . .

when it comes to completing projects. Oh, I start out well but find myself petering out towards the end. Not so with a Christmas tree quilt made I this year. It all started about eighteen months ago when my husband and I traveled up to Hamilton, Missouri and the Missouri Star Quilt Company. We had a great time there where I bought fabric for another I was making for my granddaughter.

I saw the Christmas quilt in one of their many shops and bought the pattern, but it would take another trip, this time to Paducah, Kentucky— a city know for its folk art and quilting— to find the fabric to make it a reality. I know you may be asking yourself, “Why on earth would she travel so far just for fabric.” The truth is I don’t. Just like most, I travel to experience new places, but quite often the souvenirs I buy will be in the form of textiles. When they become a quilt, it brings back fond memories of my time of wandering. A big bonus for sure, plus with Paducah being a mecca for quilters, what better place to find inspiration?

Big Bonus of Joy

This particular quilt has another bonus for me as well. The color combination reminds me of Scandinavia. My husband’s mother is the daughter of a Swedish immigrant, and although I have never been there, the blues give me the feeling that part of the world. The closest I have come to Scandinavia is the town of Solvang on the central coast of California where it seems Christmas happens all year round. It’s a sweet place to visit, poke around in the shops, and eat a pastry or two. Over the years, my husband and I have spent many Sunday afternoons, strolling around the town. And, in case you were wondering, I have purchased fabric there, too. (It’s the curse of a textile artist.)

Now that the quilt is complete and hanging on my wall for the Christmas season, I have a great satisfaction of a project completed along with the joy-filled memories it evokes. It just feels good to look at it. It brings a certain light to the room, one of peace and security. And that is what Christmas is all about, after all. A day of remembering when the Prince of Peace came to dwell among us.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas that is filled with great joy.

The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky

This just a very small sampling of the modern quilts on display.

Hancock of Paducah

I stopped by Hancock of Paducah to do a little shopping. So much fabric, so little time.

Whoever said less is more never had a dessert and she certainly never bought fabric.

Carrie Nelson

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