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Over the past few weeks that have actually turned in to months, I have had a difficult time with feeling contented. I have not had a good grasp on it.  If my dear Aunt Bessie could hear my thoughts, she would tell me to quit wishing my life away. Good advice, especially when you get on the latter part of your numbered years. I have decided enough is enough and to combat my woe-is-me attitude, I am going to start reporting special little moments with God. You know, those blessings tucked away in the minor details of life.

Here’s one from yesterday.

My husband and I had a somewhat unusual date after a stressful week. We went to Walmart. But before you judge our lack of romance, you must hear what we did. We filled up a box with things necessary for a family from Afghanistan to set up housekeeping. Our part was buying things for the bathroom. We picked out the necessities—soap, TP, deodorant, band aids, etc.— plus a pretty shower curtain and some towels to match.

It was a small thing really, but it allowed us to touch someone we will not meet and pray for their family. We also remembered the excitement of having our first place in a new town. It made us thankful for the resources God has given us to give to someone else. It brought us together in worshipping God through loving a neighbor. Now, that is romantic.

I am grateful that God handed us an opportunity that would fulfill so many needs. What a beautiful blessing wrapped up in a simple box of bathroom supplies.

So from time-to-time, I am going to post a report beautiful view I have witnessed. Join me in telling of the goodness God packs into seemly ordinary happenings of each day. Let your view of what God is doing encourage others.

 I will sing about the LORD’s faithful love forever;

I will proclaim Your faithfulness to all generations with my mouth.

Psalm 89:1

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  1. Patty, Thank you for sharing. What a perfect date. I love your statement, those blessings tucked away in the minor details of life. Your minor detail will be a major blessing to the family from Syria. My husband and I would go to the Providence Place Mall and get an ice cream at Ben & Jerrys, We enjoyed walking around, people watching, and talking.

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