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More Walking Lessons From Skipper

A couple posts ago in Master Walk, I shared how to walk following the master according to my dog, Skipper. If you read the earlier story, I’m sure you agree he is an experienced follower.  This week, he demonstrated something else about keeping up with the leader that I hadn’t thought of.

Which way did he go?

Skipper and I joined my husband, Paul, while he worked in a large field that had become over grown with grass and wild flowers.  For our little dog, it was quite a feat to keep going through plants that were way over his head. But he did it.  Even though he could not see my husband from his vantage point in the weeds, Skipper found Paul’s footsteps. From there, he continued to follow them until he made his way to a place he could spot Paul again.  What a great example of perseverance and ingenuity. Skipper could not see Paul but he knew the path he had gone on so he continued along it.

So often, we find ourselves in the underbrush of life. Things were going along smooth and clear then–BAM– that first branch hits us in the face. Startled, we can’t seem to catch a glimpse of which way God went.  Now what?

One thing we know is God is faithful. This fact is demonstrated over and over in the stories and songs included in the Bible.  So it would seem that if God is faithful, we can count on his ways being faithful, as well.  If we temporally loose sight of God,  we can depend on our knowledge of his actions and character. All we need to do is step into the footsteps He has so kindly left for us to follow. If we proceed, being mindful of the direction they lead, we will be on the right path. It will only be a matter of time until God comes into full view again.

You [God] make known to me the path of life. . .

 Proverbs 16:11 NIV

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